Dallas Services relies on volunteers to assist the staff in providing services to the individuals we serve.  We have a variety of opportunities for you to get involved and help the people we serve achieve their potential. Volunteers who will work in the classroom may be required to get a TB skin test and pass a background check.

All volunteer activities are coordinated through the Development Office. For more information, please call 214-828-9900, or email mboconnor@dallasservices.org.

Classroom Volunteer

The Classroom Volunteer’s purpose is to increase the child’s opportunity to interact with adults in a positive manner and support an active learning environment

As a Classroom Volunteer you might:

  1. Play/interact with children at an age-appropriate level
  2. Sing songs with children at an age-appropriate level
  3. Supplement basic learning during playtime (for example, when playing with blocks discuss the different colors and ask child to find something else that same color)

Story Time Volunteer

The Story Time Volunteer’s purpose is to encourage a love of reading by reading aloud to children in our day schools.

As a Story Time Volunteer you might:

  1. Select age-appropriate books to read aloud to a class
  2. Supplement the topic of the month by reading books that teach about that topic


Work Group Volunteers

As a nonprofit agency, there is always work to be done.  There is a wide variety of tasks that need to be accomplished; task such as painting, playground maintenance, organizing, stocking the family resource room, and much more.  We can work together to tailor a project for your group.  These projects will typically be completed on evenings or weekends when the children are not in school.

Special Event Volunteer

The Special Events Volunteer will assist the Director of Development and Special Events Committee in holding and hosting our Spring Casino Night (in April) and/or our Fall Gala (in late September/early October). Volunteer assistance will aid the organization in keeping costs low and making the events more successful, thereby garnering more financial and public support for Dallas Services.

Potential volunteer activities:

  • Participate in the planning and implementation of event programming
  • Encourage community participation through ticket sales, sponsorship and auction donations
  • Provide “at-event” assistance such as table and décor set up, registration, awarding of prizes, and closing of auctions

Download the volunteer application.

To schedule a time to volunteer for one of our programs, please call 214-828-9900, or email Mary Beth O’Connor at mboconnor@dallasservices.org.