Low vision is the term used to describe a permanent loss of vision which is not corrected with glasses, contact lenses, surgery or medications. The Clinic also provides routine eye care for those experiencing vision loss that can be corrected with glasses and/or contacts.

How we can help you

We provide individualized solutions for people who are experiencing vision loss. This process begins by meeting with our optometrist who will perform an evaluation to determine your vision needs, with emphasis on your functional problems and improving your daily living skills. You will work with Dr. Fleming and her staff to set vision goals such as:

  • Continue working
  • Enjoy movies and television
  • Read prescription bottles
  • See photos of family and friends

Once your needs are determined and a course of treatment is prescribed, you will work with our staff in helping you attain your goals.

Routine Eye Care

Your eye health is important to us. The Clinic offers routine eye exams and is able to determine your prescription for glasses and contact lenses. Our optometrist will discuss the various options with you to determine what solution best fits your needs and lifestyle.

Low Vision Devices

We attempt to meet your individual needs by designing a treatment plan using specialized low vision devices appropriate for your specific vision problem. Accordingly, we offer a variety of solutions, including:

  • Special Reading Glasses
  • Hi-Powered Magnifiers
  • Telescopic Devices
  • Electronic Magnification Equipment
  • Glare Control Devices

We have been able to help our low vision patients remain independent and perform activities that are of major importance to them. With their newly prescribed devices most of our patients can:

  • See to pay bills or read
  • Read labels on canned/packaged foods
  • Read household appliance dials and buttons
  • Travel independently
  • Shop
  • Watch television
  • Continue driving (in some cases)
  • See medications

If you are interested in an appointment, please call 214-828-9900. Patient forms are listed below for your convenience and to assist in expediting your appointment.

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