The Dallas Services Vision Clinic is a nonprofit vision center offering a continuum of vision care for adults, seniors and children. Our Vision Clinic is the only nonprofit vision clinic in Texas not affiliated with a university or medical school.

Dr. Stephanie Helm Fleming graduated from the University of Houston with a degree in Optometry. She moved to Dallas in 1999 to join the Dallas Services Low Vision Clinic. Dr. Fleming understands patients who suffer from vision loss and the impact on the patient and family. While Dr. Fleming provides routine eye care for all ages, she also sees nonverbal individuals and multiply-impaired children and adults. Unique to the vision clinic is the staff’s ability to provide services to any person, regardless of age or disability.

Dr. Rosita Ghazanfari graduated from Northeastern State University with a degree in optometry. She completed a residency in contact lens from SUNY in New York. Dr. Ghazanfari provides routine eye care for all ages as well as medical contact lens fittings.


Vision for Children was created to help children from low-income families. The program is a partnership between the Vision Clinic and area schools. Children are provided comprehensive dilated eye exams and eyeglasses for $10.

Saturday Clinics are held for low-income, school-aged children, referred by a school nurse, where an eye exam and prescription eyeglasses are provided. Check this website for upcoming 2019 dates for our Saturday Vision for Children clinics.

Vision for Success was created to serve seniors above the age of 55 years, who are homeless and are involved in substance abuse or mental health treatment. When funding is available, the necessary tools are provided to regain vision and maintain independence.

The Vision Clinic was established to provide treatment to all adults, seniors and children experiencing low vision or needing routine vision care.  Our clinic staff specializes in conducting low vision exams on infants, nonverbal children and adults, as well as children and adults with cognitive and developmental delays.  A comprehensive eye examination is provided with an individualized treatment plan developed to meet the patient’s quality of life goals.  Patients may receive assistance with standard and electronic/digital magnifiers, varying degrees of illumination and shading, etc.  In addition, the clinic makes recommendations to school districts and employers on accommodating the individual with low vision.

You can make an appointment by calling the Dallas Services Vision Clinic at 214-828-9900. Please specify if the appointment is for low vision, special needs, or routine care so we can make certain your needs are met.

Our address is 5442 La Sierra Drive, Dallas, TX 75231.