Dallas Day School is an inclusive, early education program (infant though preK) that provides an opportunity for children with and without special needs to develop, learn and grow together.

We are open year-round and we observe most major holidays. Our hours of operation are from 7 a.m. until 6 p.m., Monday through Friday.

We proudly offer the Watch Me Grow online viewing system. Through a secured internet site and unique password you can observe your child’s daily activities.


The faculty, policies and curricula support a developmental approach to learning. Every lesson and activity is designed and selected to help every child achieve his or her potential. Our experienced faculty strives to meet the developmental needs of each child and create a solid foundation for future learning and growth. The curricula emphasize exploration and processing as well as questioning and discovery, as children and faculty interact with each other in a nurturing and supportive environment. Children who achieve their potential will need a combination of well-developed academic, emotional and social skills. They must know how to deal with and resolve conflict, demonstrate critical thinking and problem solving skills while maintaining the self-confidence needed to thrive in any environment.

Our curricula focus on the development of the whole child. Through lessons and activities, the faculty nurtures and strengthens five (5) key areas of development:

Social – the ability to work and play with others in group activities
Emotional – the ability to identify, express and manage feelings and demonstrate an awareness of others’ feelings
Physical – the ability to participate in fine and gross motor activities
Language– the ability to express one’s self through oral and/or written language
Cognitive – the ability to count, name and think conceptually

Unique to Dallas Day School are our:

– Math and Science pull-out sessions
– Spanish and Baby Sign language
– Multiple outdoor play areas
– Indoor gross motor skills areas
– Small group literacy sessions

We believe that a successful school is one that has the following characteristics:

  • A commitment that all children will be provided with a safe and nurturing environment;
  • A commitment that each child will be treated as an individual with potential;
  • A commitment to develop and maintain communication with you;
  • A commitment to quality early childhood education;
  • A commitment to include full and active participation of children with special needs, with sensitive consideration of their physical and other limitations.